Scoping a Project from a Partner Request

Create a project to provide services to a partner.

Viewing the Request

With Partner Requests in a project, after you've established a Partnership with another company, you can be requested to provide services to be included in their projects. After you've been notified that a Partner has requested your services, you can see the notification at the top of your screen under Service Requests.

Here' you presented with the Requested By information, the current status of the request, the Description, and you're presented with the option to Create Project or Decline the request.

Press Create Project to accept the request and continue.

Here, you will be able to create and Scope your project like normal. After the completion of the scoping and approval, once your project is in the Approved state, you can press the Offer Service button on the Project Overview screen.

You will then see a message that the Project was offered as a service to the Partner company.

The project is locked while it’s in the hands of the requesting account. No changes are allowed when it’s offered and accepted.

The requesting account can then take action on the offered service:

  • If the requesting account accepts the project then it will be marked ‘won’.

  • If the requesting account declines the project then it will be marked ‘lost’.

  • If the requesting account requests changes, the project will be unlocked and the reason that the changes were requested will be displayed at the top of the project.

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