Saving Custom Services to Settings

Making a custom service ready to use in other projects is easy!

Synchronization Options

ScopeStack gives you two pathways to save Custom Services (generically called services) to Settings, controlled by the Synchronize Custom Services toggle in your Account Overview.

  • If turned on, all Custom Services created in your projects will be created in the appropriate place in Settings.

  • If turned off, Custom Services will only exist in the Project they are created in by default.

Automatic Synchronization

With this setting on, all Custom Services created in your projects will be created in the appropriate place in Settings. These services will be created in the Custom status, pending approval by the per LOB service approver defined in the LOB settings.

Changing a Custom Service after Approval in a Project

If a user approves a Custom Service in Settings, returns to the Project that Custom Service originated from (wherever it was originally created) and makes a change to that service, the change will be synchronized to Settings and the service becomes custom again. This only happens from the ‘source project’ because that’s the only place that it will occur as a ‘custom’ service on a project.

Manual Creation

If your account has disabled automatic synchronization, there are a two manual pathways to create Settings' versions of those Services.

  1. Save to Settings: On any custom service, you will have the option to Save to Settings available in that services' context menu. This will create a new Settings version of that service available for approval by the LOB's Service Approver defined in the LOB's settings.

  2. Creating a Project Blueprint: Creating a Blueprint from an Approved Project that contains custom services will automatically create Settings versions of all of the services present in the project, and add those Services to the Blueprint. When the Blueprint is later used to create a new project, those created pre-defined services will be added. Note: With this method, these services will be created in Settings directly in the Approved state since they were added to a Blueprint

Approving Custom Services once in Settings

Unapproved services have a small yellow dot to the left of the service's title in the Services section of the settings menu:

Services that feature Subservices that need to be approved have a dark blue dot:

To approve a service that needs approval, you can either click the thumbs up icon that appears to the right of that service's information when you hover over it...

...or, if you click the service and open it up, you can click "Approve" at the bottom of the list of Subservice, next to the update button.

To approve subservices, you can click the thumbs up icons to the right of the subservice, near their ordering arrows.

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