Salesforce Configuration Guide

Step by step for setting up Salesforce Integration

Before you get started, please ensure you have appropriate permission in Salesforce to set up this Connected App.

First, Create a Connected App in Salesforce

Next, Configure your connected app in Salesforce

Initially, you will need to complete:

  • Connected App Name: The internal name for the application.

  • API Name: This is autogenerated; it's the internal name for the Connected App in your instance

  • Contact Email: You can set this to

In the API (Enable OAuth Settings) section, check the Enable OAuth Settings checkbox to reveal additional options. Now you can select OAuth Scopes.

Click Save after entering the configuration as described above.

Copy Consumer Key and Secret for use in ScopeStack

You will be redirected to a page where you can view the app information. To view your Consumer Key and Secret, look under the API (Enable OAuth Settings) section.

Click the Manage Consumer Details button to view the Consumer Key and Secret.

Configure in ScopeStack

To configure the app, navigate to Settings > Connected Apps and click on the Salesforce tile.

You will be navigated to the set up page. 

Enter your Type of Account, Sales Force Host, Consumer Key, and Consumer Secret in the appropriate boxes.

  • Your Type of account will either be a Sandbox account if you are doing testing with a Sandbox instance of Salesforce or a Production account.

  • Your Salesforce Host will typically follow the pattern of

  • The opportunity stages will override the default opportunities that are pulled in with the stages you define.

Click "Submit"

Allow Access

You're all set!

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