Project Versions

Managing changes to Projects over time.

A version of a Project is a collection of changes between “creation” and “completion.”

  • Creation is what you’d expect — when the version is created.

  • Completion happens when a subsequent version is created or the project is submitted for approval (since changes are frozen)

Users can ad-hoc create versions of a project whenever the project is in a building state. A version is automatically created whenever the project (re-)enters the “building” phase: at Project creation, when when the project is rescoped.

When a user restores a version, the platform will create a new version that brings back the state from when the restored version was completed, with the ‘reason’ indicating that the platform restored the previous version number.

The current version number can be automatically inserted into your project documents via merge data.

Note that versions will not backup, restore, or update information about third-party services.

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