Project List

Easily see and filter your list of Projects.

ScopeStack's Projects listing gives you a lot of flexibility in viewing and interacting with your projects.

Context Menu

You can right-click on any project to reveal the context menu, giving you several options per project, including the ability to duplicate, delete, and open that project.


You can search by the Project Name in the free-form text field above the Project list.

You also have the ability to search and open an existing PSA Project ID in the Search Bar.  The user will then be able to complete the Project in ScopeStack, and push to ConnectWise as they do today when creating a new Project in ScopeStack. 


By default, ScopeStack pulls up your Projects sorted in order by the date the project was created, with the most recent projects listed at the top. You can sort your Project list by any of the columns with the up/down arrow icon to the right of the column label.


You can filter your list of projects for greater insight.

First, you can easily see the Projects you are a teammate on.

You can always easily click the Show My Project Only checkmark to quickly see the projects in your list that you're a teammate on.

For more advanced filters, click the Filter Icon.

The filter panel will let you filter your list of projects by multiple criteria, so you can focus on just the projects you're looking for.

Customize Your Columns

You can customize your columns by clicking the Customize Icon.

Here, you can select what columns you want to see. The number by each column indicates how many column-spaces the information takes up. You can have a maximum of 12 column-spaces active at any one time.

Pages and Projects per Page

At the bottom, you can see information about the number of projects you can see per page.

At the bottom left, you can see an option to allow you to change the number of projects per page.

At the bottom right, you can see the number of pages of projects your filters have let you see, along with the page you are currently on.

At the bottom center, you can page through your results.

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Bulk Archive Projects

You can select one or more projects to be archived.  Select the checkbox of a project(s) you want to move from the Active Projects tab to the Archived Projects tab.  Next, click the "trash can" button to the left of the Search Projects bar.  

Bulk Delete 1

Lastly, a modal window will be displayed to confirm your selection.  You can cancel or click the "Archive" button to move the selected project(s) to the Archive Projects tab.

Bulk Delete 2

While on the Archived Projects tab you can un-archive projects and move them back to the Active Project tab.  Select the project(s) you want and click the "un-archive" button to the left of the Search Projects bar.  A modal window will be displayed to confirm your selection, and allow you to cancel or "Un-archive". 

Export Project List Data

Users can download all project level data to a .CSV file.  Simply navigate to the Project List page and click the download button to the right of the Search Bar.  This will generate the report and automatically download to your computer.