Professional Service, Managed Service, or Product?

Learn the differences between the main content of the platform.

In ScopeStack projects, you primarily work with 3 types of content that add revenue and cost to projects:

  1. Professional Services: These are one-time services you provide to your clients to support the completion of a project. These may be priced by effort or quantity.

  2. Managed Services: These are recurring services provided to a client over a range of times and billed at a set interval. These are priced by quantity.

  3. Products: These are physical or digital items either delivered to a client or consumed in the completion of services such as the physical equipment installed as a result of your services or licensing costs for a specific tool used to complete a service. These are priced by quantity, and the inclusion/exclusion of their price and cost in the finances of the project is controlled by the Professional Services Payment Term selected on that project.

Professional and Managed Services content may have subservices defined or added to them in Settings (or on a project for Custom content) that are the minimum unit of the content of pricing for that service.

These pieces of content can be pre-defined in Settings as standards and added to a project, or created custom on a per-project basis.

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