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Lines of Business and Types of Services

Organizing your services inside ScopeStack!

ScopeStack gives you two "levels" of content organization to group together similar services.

  • Lines of Business: These are the top-level organizational groupings of services in the platform.

  • Service Categories: This gives you an additional layer below the Line of Business to align services in.

Managing Lines of Business and Service Categories

Viewing Lines of Business

You can manage Lines of Business and Service Categories in Settings > Content > Lines of Business in Settings.

Adding Lines of Business

You can add a new Line of Business by clicking the New Line of Business button. Inside, you can define:

  • The name of the Line of Business

  • Define Who can approve new services for the Line of Business.

You can press Submit to save.

Managing Existing Lines of Business

Once you've created a Line of Business, you can add or modify Service Types, change the Line of Business's name, or change the new service approval user.

Service Categories

Service Categories give you an additional layer of content organization for services. Inside of a Line of Business, you can view its service types. You must define at least one Service Category to align Services to in that Line of Business.

By hovering over a Service type, you can see the options to resequence, download a CSV of all services, or delete the category.


You can add a new Service Type by clicking + Add Service Category.

Inside, you can give the Service Category a name.

Approval of Services and Technical Approval of Projects

There are a few key approval mechanisms tied to the Line of Business level of content organization.

New Service and Custom Service Approval

Approval of new services created in settings or saved due to a Custom service in a project is completed by a user-specified on the Line of Business.

A quick method for Approval Users to see services needing their approval is to Filter by the appropriate Line of Business and Filter by Custom (for Custom Services) and then Pending (for newly created or CSV-imported Services) and approve services as needed or make other changes.

To access the approval menu, click the Magnifying Glass icon by your name in the top menu.

Approval of Projects

Lines of Business are used as the trigger for the Technical Approval of a Project. You can learn more about the Project approval flow here.

Document Template Implications of Lines of Business and Service Categories

Line of Business and Service Type information is available for use in several ways in the merge data used to create documents. Learn more about creating document templates to get started.

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