🚀 June 10, 2020 - Platform Updates

Exciting new platform updates, check it out!

We have been hard at work over the past month, adding exciting new features to the platform and making the platform faster and more reliable. Check it out 👇, and thanks for being a part of the ScopeStack family!

🆕 New Features and Functionality

  • 🧮 Variable Pricing: You can now create tasks and subtasks that calculate total effort, service price & cost, and materials price & cost based on minimum quantities. At each quantity level, you can define a fixed amount and a per-unit amount of time or dollars to add to the calculation of effort, price, or cost of the project. You can set up variably priced tasks in the Settings menu and add them to your Projects. This update also allows you to create fixed-price jobs. More documentation to come!

  • 🔍 Filtering Enhancements: We have implemented enhanced filtering in two critical areas of the platform, and made these filters persistent: if you navigate away from a specific page and come back, the filters will still be in place.

1. Dashboard and Projects list: In these areas, you can now filter the Dashboard data and the Projects in the list by Project/Client Name, Status, Team, and "Just Mine." The platform determines a project's team(s) by the associated team(s) of collaborators on the project. Users can now be assigned to one or more Teams when an admin enrolls them on the platform, from their user profile, and the Teams setup area.

2. Tasks in Settings: You can now filter by Line of Business and Status, making it easier for Task Approvers to see Tasks they need to take action on.

  • 🏷 Label Change to Materials: We have called this function hardware, licensing, and many other things. We're sticking with Materials (and eventually hope to give you the option to re-label this field on a per-account basis right in the UI!).

  • 💲 Custom Language for Payment Terms: We can now help you show specific language in a document if a particular term of payment is selected.

  • 🏢 Subsidiary Specific language: If you are in a company with multiple subsidiaries that need different terms, we can now help you change parts of your document based on the subsidiary selected.

  • 💷 Currency Support: We now support different currencies for accounts. Have a partner that you want to refer us to that uses Euros or Pounds? No problem!

🕷Notable Bug Fixes

  • Deleting Lines of Business and Task Types: You can now delete whole Lines of Business and Task Types from the platform without removing every project that references them. The deleted LOB and Task Types will still be visible on old projects, but not available

  • 🔠 Getting Capitalization Right: Changing the case of text in language fields and phase language on tasks now triggers document re-generation

  • 💲Fidelity to past payment terms: If you delete a payment term, it will still be shown on past projects using that term without being available for new projects.

  • Deleting projects in Chrome in Windows: A Chrome update made it impossible to remove projects. We got this patched right up!

🔮 What's Next?

  • 🔒Control Document Generation via Approvals: Now that we have a better approval flow, if you want to lock down document generation to approved documents, you will be able to update!

  • 🛠Custom Project Input: We are going to make scoping your first project more accessible and faster.

  • 🤝Third-Party Services: We are working to make it easier to include third-party services in your Projects.

  • ☁️More Integrations and Open API: We know you want to see our data. We are making some backend changes to make this possible!

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