🚀 July 8, 2023 - Platform Updates

Exciting new platform updates, check it out!

🆕 New Features and Functionality

🏷️ Guided ScopeStack Account Setup

We’ve created a new step-by-step guide to help first-time users in the ScopeStack Platform familiarize themselves with working in a Project and Account Setup. 

The purpose of the Guided On-boarding is to help first time ScopeStack users familiarize themselves with how Projects work within the platform.  This multi-page guide will introduce new users to the key features in ScopeStack, as well as allow users to start entering some of the key data elements for their account. Users will be introduced to important concepts within a Project, which include, Phases, Services, Sub-services, Language Fields, Resources, and Project Governance.  Users will also be able to select from a list of per-defined services to start their account.

At the conclusion of the guide users will be able to create a new project on their own, view sample projects, or access training videos.

🆕 Other Recent Updates

  • You can now align a governance item to a specific Resource, Line of Business, or Service Category: You now have more control over how governance is calculated for your project. You can specify what services contribute to governance effort for your governance item, and you can also specify how that calculated effort is reapplied to your project. You can specify by Phase, Line of Business/Service Category, along with our other default items. You can also choose to bury the governance effort in the Service revenue, helping avoid pesky questions from clients about why Project Management is needed.
  • You can now expand a Product Description through the use of Project Variables in Settings: We’ve added the ability to add Project Variables to Product, giving you the ability to define custom fields to capture use-case specific information about your products. You can create the field under Project Variables in settings, and then pre-populate it with standard content per product in Settings before adding the Product to a Project.
  • You can set a default value for Survey questions containing multiple answer options.
  • You can assign a Survey to a specific team or teams: When creating or editing a Survey from the Settings menu, a user can assign that Survey to one of more teams.  This brings an added benefit on the Project page when a user applies filter results based on Team(s).
  • Within the Services step of the Guided Project Creation Flow you can now add services with a Survey: Clicking the “Add from Survey” button will allow a user to select a Survey to complete.  Once completed the recommended Services will be added to the Project.

📅 Next Scheduled Release

Currently, we've planned our next release for early October 2023. Let us know any questions here!