🚀 Jan 20, 2020 - Platform Updates

Exciting new platform updates, check it out!

Welcome to 2020! We are off to a big start over here at ScopeStack; here are some of the enhancements we are excited about and also some of the noteworthy bug fixes we have rolled out.

🏷Label Changes! We have worked to standardize a few things throughout the platform...

  • SOWs (in the top menu) are now called Projects: As we have changed the way you generate documents, we realized it makes more sense to think of what was at first just a way to input information to get a Statement of Work (the SOWs menu) as an instead a Projects menu that lets you download multiple types of documents per whole Project, including SOW documents.

  • Components are now called Tasks: We felt this reflected our core service better: we built the platform to scope services, thus the UI should align. 

  • Subcomponents are now called Subtasks (everywhere): this is a field that was called a few different things in a few different places due to the evolution of the platform but is now called Subtasks everywhere. This is the layer below Tasks that may include the incremental steps to accomplish a task. 

  • Component Types are now called Task Types: Same logic as above.

So in review...

  • Lines of Business are still the top level of organization.

  • Task Types fall below here and are defined per line of business.

  • Tasks may be assigned to a particular line of business, task type, and Phase (more on this below) and are the primary unit of work. You can create SOW language and assign hours per the whole task. 

  • Subtasks are the incremental steps to accomplish a Task and are the smallest level of work. You can also create SOW language and assign hours per subtask that is repeated with every instance of a task. 

New Features and Functionality

  • 🛠 Phases! - In summary, you will now have the ability to define a Phase per Task. In doing so, we will now have the ability to define billing milestones aligned to phase, work-breakdown activities per phase, and soon push this all into ConnectWise Manage Project (PSA)! Learn more about this by clicking here.

  • 👷‍♂️UI Update to Generate Documents - A more intuitive (read: bigger) generate button. This will also position us to add additional functionality in the future... Exciting stuff here!

  • ⚙️UI Update to CSV Importer - This process now mimics the Generate function and makes it easier to visualize what new data has been created

Notable Bug Fixes

  • Deleting Lines of Business now deletes all components with it - added "are you sure" messaging.

  • DocuSign rolled into the new Generate UI

  • Date formatting (still working on one Safari-related issue here!)

  • CSV Import Mapping

Coming Soon!

  • Change Tracking Activities Log on a Project

  • SoW Workflow Approval Enhancements

  • Import WBS into CW Manage Project

  • Updates to how user roles are implemented 

Also, if you haven't already, please take a minute to give us your feedback:

Thank you for your continued support and please do not hesitate to reach out with any requests for enhancements and updates.

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