🚀 February 5, 2022 - Platform Updates

Exciting new platform updates, check it out!

🎥 Platform Update Rundown

Watch a video summary of this Platform Update here from Alex, our Onboarding and Customer Success Lead.

🆕 New Features and Functionality

🔌 Microsoft Dynamics 365 & Datto Autotask integrations

You can now sync your CRM opportunities into ScopeStack from these platforms to create Projects! You can set up the integration in your account here.

📃 Vendor Quotes Update

We've updated Vendor quotes to give you the ability to include T&M and Fixed Price Professional & Managed Services and to define the pricing for those services at the service level instead of only at the quote level.

📃 Enhanced Questionnaire Support

We're enhanced our questionnaire feature to allow for more flexibility in how you can use the results in the platform. If you're interested in learning more, contact us via Intercom.

🗃 Service Catalog

We've created a robust catalog of pre-created Services that you can import into your account for use in your Projects. If you're interested in learning more, contact us via Intercom.

🗃 Forum

We've created a user forum so you can ask questions and talk with other ScopeStack users right inside the platform. You can check it out here.

🏗 User Interface Work

We're continuing to convert our User Interface to utilize the newly enhanced API. Our goal is to replicate existing functionality using new UI technology; we will introduce these incremental changes to the live environment as they are ready.

🆕 Other Recent Updates

  • We've better defined how you can insert images into your documents via Project Attachments

  • You may notice, we've removed the account slugs from our URLs. We made this move to enable some additional URL-based product tours and other enhancements down the line.

  • We've added the ability to create Project Variables attached to Locations and Contacts. You can now designate a contact as a "billing" contact, for example, and then use the variable to filter the information that's placed in your document. You can also add additional context to a location.

  • We are constantly adding new elements to Merge Data that may be helpful to you in your documents! A few recent updates:

    • External Names for resources are now available per service in the phases_with_tasks data object.

    • Vendor Quote descriptions now appear in merge data.

  • We've made a lot of internationalization support enhancements to support multiple date/time/address formats

  • The Resource field is now a search field that allows you to filter down the list of Resources to select from.

📅 Next Scheduled Release

Currently, we've planned our next release for early May 2022. Let us know any questions here! We plan to share the specific features in the release in advance.

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