Duplicating a Project

Learn about Duplicating a Project in ScopeStack.

What gets Duplicated

A duplicated project brings over several items and attributes from the source project. Here is a list of items brought over by a duplicate project:

  • Resources

  • Professional Services

  • Managed Services

  • Project Governance Items

  • Partner Requests

  • Collaborators

  • Vendor Quotes

  • Products

Project Duplication Permissions

You can now restrict project duplication using role permissions in your account! To do this, navigate to Settings > Roles > {Role Name} and find the permission titled "Projects Duplicate."

How To Duplicate a Project

To duplicate a project, first navigate to your Projects list page. Hovering over a project will reveal the duplicate and delete buttons on the right side of the project list.

Click the button titled Duplicate to make a copy of your project.

That's it! After completing this and refreshing your browser, you will see a copy project created in your list.

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