DocuSign Configuration Guide

Use DocuSign to get signatures directly from ScopeStack.

You can use ScopeStack's integration with DocuSign to request signatures on your documents without ever leaving our platform. There are a few easy steps to enable this.

One note is that the direct DocuSign Integration will use a cloud-based document generation process that may render fonts and other design elements different from those that Microsoft Word renders. We advise using a sandbox account (more information below) to test the look and feel of your documents with this generation method before committing to this workflow.

Create a DocuSign Developer Account

First, set up a DocuSign Developer account. You can set up that account on DocuSign's website and use the account to test the configuration and then move your DocuSign setup into production.

After you've set up the Account, select My Apps and Keys in the top right menu.

Once there, click Add App and Integration Key

When prompted, call the app ScopeStack. Click Create and you will be re-directed to a new page.

Next, take note of the Integration Key. You will eventually input this into ScopeStack. Below that section, make sure the User Application is set to Authorization Code Grant.

Next, click + Add Secret Key. Take note of the Secret Key value as you will input this into ScopeStack.

Next, under Service Integration, + Generate RSA button to generate a value. For security reasons, ScopeStack needs you to generate an RSA keypair in DocuSign. You do not need to use these values in the configuration.

Finally, under Additional settings, provide a Redirect URI by clicking the + Add URI button. Add the following value:

When complete, click Save at the bottom of the page.

Setup the Connected App in ScopeStack

Next, set up the Connected App from Settings > Connected Apps.

Click on the DocuSign tile and you will navigated to the setup page where you can enter your DocuSign account information. 

Set the type of account to Sandbox if you are using a Developer account to start with, then copy in the Integration Key and the Secret Key from the DocuSign setup page. Make sure you define a Prompt foruser signature, the Internal Signature Placeholder, and the External Signature Placeholder.

  • The Prompt for User Signature will be displayed in the email from DocuSign to the users who are prompted for a signature on the document. You can use "Please Sign the Document."

  • The Internal and External Signature Placeholders are the "targets" in the Word document that let DocuSign know where the signature should go. Make sure the placeholders you select are unique and don't appear anywhere else in the document, and take note of what you select here, as you will need it in the next step. Common values are **internal_signature_placeholder** and **external_signature_placeholder**.

Once you have completed the Connected App setup, click Save in ScopeStack. You will be redirected to DocuSign to authorize the app.

You will then be re-directed back to ScopeStack.

Important: After this, ensure the connected app is enabled via the toggle switch.

Modify your Document Template

You will need to place the targets you set up in the previous step in the Document Template.

To make the placeholders invisible, you can set the text color to match the document's background color.

Once you've modified your document, re-upload it to your account.

Setup your project and make your request.

Once you've modified your document, you're ready to set up your project.

ScopeStack will use the Primary Customer Contact as the signer for the Customer and the Primary Internal Contact for the Internal Signature. The Sales user will be used if no Primary Internal Contact is specified.

Once you have an approved project, you can send a document for Electronic Signature.

After the document is generated and converted to PDF, an envelope will be created in DocuSign, and the document will be sent to the designated users!

DocuSign Accounts

For testing, you can use a free Sandbox account. You view all of their plans and sign up here.

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