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Data Backups and Restoration

Additional information about how we handle data, as of October 2020.

Data Storage

We host our data and servers with Amazon Web Services. We run daily backups of our data in AWS that we retain for a week. We've found that to be more than enough time typically since the need for a data restoration is usually known within hours. We maintain multiple virtual servers within AWS, so even if one server is experiencing issues, the others can continue serving our clients.

If you have a question about data restoration, please contact us using the Intercom chat icon or at support@scopestack.io

CSV Backups

You are more than welcome to download CSVs of your current data at any given time and keep them for future use. The most convenient way to backup your own data is via the Line of Business area, where you can download all of the tasks grouped by individual Line of Business CSV files.

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