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Currencies in ScopeStack

ScopeStack allows you to account for multiple currencies in your account.

ScopeStack gives you the ability to change the default currency in your account and to manage Projects in different currencies from your account default.

Setting your account's default currency

You can set your account's default currency by navigating to Settings > Financial > Currencies.

Here, you'll see a list of the currencies active in your account. The default currency for ScopeStack is USD.

The editable attributes of currency are:

  • Currency Name: This is the name of the currency inside the platform

  • Format: This updates the styling of the currency. As of November 2021, ScopeStack Supports:

    • Dollars

    • Euros

    • Pounds

    • Yen

  • Conversion Rate: This is the rate to convert between the account default currency and additional currencies. For the account default, this attribute is uneditable and is always a value of one. When you define other currencies, this is where you can update the conversation rate between the account default and that currency.

  • Default: This is where you can designate the currency you're working with as your account's default currency.

To change the attributes of your default currency, click the currency.

Once you're ready, click Submit to save changes.

Adding Additional Currencies

To add an additional currency option to your account, click + Add Currency.

Here, you can enter the information to add a new currency.

  • If you need a currency format that's not yet available, please send us a message and we will work to assist you!

  • When you define a currency's Conversion Rate, please note that the logic is: "1.00 of the default currency is equal to ____ of this currency."

So for example, at the time of this writing, to convert from USD to GBP:

So for me to add GBP to my account, I would enter a Format of Pounds and a Conversion Rate of 0.74.

Now, when I look at my account's list of currencies, I see the following:

Currencies in Projects

Projects are associated with specific currencies via Rate Tables. Learn more about Rate tables here.

When working within a project, all monetary values will be shown in the format of the project currency as dictated by the Rate Table.

Setting a user Preferred Currency

If a user would like to view the account Dashboard and Projects list in a different currency from the account default, they can navigate to their Profile.

Here, they can change their user account Profile to show values in the currency of their choice.

Changing your Account's Default Currency

To change your account's default currency, please select the currency you want to be the default from your account's list of currencies. Check the default Checkbox in the currency and click Submit.

Changing your account default will update the Dashboard and other account statistics to be displayed in the new default currency. Note that after making this change, you may need to update the following:

  • You will need to update the conversion rate between the other currencies in your account and your account's new default currency.

  • Any re-usable Services with Service Price and Serice Cost Rates defined and Products in your account in Settings will need to have their rates updated to reflect the value of the service or product in the new default currency

  • Projects will remain attached to the rate tables they were attached to before, and all service price, service cost, product price, and product cost information will remain unchanged in the Project.

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