Creating & Using Service Blueprints

Create groups of services and add them to the project all at once!

Creating Blueprints in the Settings Menu

You can find blueprints under the Content section of the settings menu.

From there, you can see a listing of Blueprints you have created in your account and either click on one to edit an existing Blueprint or select + ADD BLUEPRINT to add a new one.

If you add a Blueprint, you can give it a name and a code. The code is not required and is added to the platform for future functionality at the moment. For our sample here, you will want to select "Task" under Level of Blueprint.

After you click Submit, a Services tab will appear, allowing you to see and add services to your Blueprint. 

If you click the add item button, you will be able to select which services you want to add to the Blueprint. You will also be able to choose which resource you want to associate with that service in this Blueprint, along with the quantity of that service you wish to add to your project. 

Once you have finished adding services to your Blueprint, you can navigate to your project or create a new Project.

If you've created a new Project and selected to start from a blueprint, you can select the Blueprint you want to add and apply it to your project.

If your working on an already created project, in the list of Professional or Managed services, click the Add Services/Blueprints button. You can then select the Blueprint you want to view and hit the Search button.

From there, you can then use the select all button to select all of the services in the Blueprint or pick and choose which services you want to add. You can then click the Include Selected button to add those services to your pending area. You can add additional tasks via the search tools as needed, and when you're ready, click the Add Services to Project button to complete the addition of services.

The services will then be added to my project! You can delete the individual services added or change the resources associated with the Tasks without affecting the Blueprint itself if needed as the Blueprint is simply a mechanism for adding Services to a project.

A quick note: The Blueprint references the Services as it is in the settings menu. When applying a Service Blueprint to a project, the Services will be added with the attributes (subservices, hours, etc) as they are built in the Professional or Managed Services in the Settings Menu at the time it is applied to any project. If you make changes to a Blueprint referenced Service in the Settings menu, the next time you apply that Blueprint to a project, the Service will be added as it is in the settings menu at the time it is applied to the project.

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