Creating Customer Success Plans

How to implement Customer Success into your platform. 

The Customer Success Plan is an integral part of the Cisco Lifecycle Advantage partner program. Cisco has approved this best practice format to meet all appropriate requirements for rebate submission.

If you would like Customer Success enabled for your account, please contact our Support team.

Step 1: Create Customer Success Specific Project Variables. You will need to create the variables to match the Customer Success Template so that you can input the appropriate information about your projects. Those variables include: 

Offer/Solution Sold: offer
Cisco Deal ID/SO #: deal_id
Renewal Date: renewal_date

You can add these variables in the Project Variables section under Governance in the Settings Menu in ScopeStack. They are all text variables and don't need to be required.

Step 3: Load the Customer Success Plan template into your account as a Document Template. You can download the Customer Success Plan Template from our template library online.

You can add this Document Template to your account in the Document Templates section under Documents in the Settings menu.

Step 4: Create a project, add in the information and download it as a Customer Success Plan. You're now ready to create a Customer Success Plan! You can create a project or modify an existing project by adding values for the new variables you added. Those fields are available in the Project Overview section under the General section of settings on any project. When you are ready, you can click Generate and select "Customer Success Plan" as the document type.

Bonus Tip: Our team has found it very helpful to create a Project with ALL of your technology-specific Outcomes and KPIs, then duplicate that project when you are ready to create a new CSP. You can delete the Outcomes you don't need for that particular plan.

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