Content in Settings and Projects

How to think about adding services and products between Settings and Projects.


In ScopeStack, there are two primary workflows for adding services to projects:

  1. Pre-built (sometimes called "Standard") content that resides in settings.

  2. Custom content that is created on a per-project basis.

Settings-defined Content

Defining in Settings

Pre-built content can be defined as a standard for use in projects. You can pre-define all aspects of the content to make it fast and convenient to build and scope your projects.

Adding to a project

When you add pre-built content to a project, the platform captures that content's parameters when adding it to a project. After it's been added, you can update parameters like the Service Descriptions and Language Field information on a per-project basis.

  • Changes you made to the language in a project are localized to that project.

  • If you duplicate that project, the service as it exists in the source project will be used as the basis for duplication, including any language updates you made there.

  • If you make changes to pre-built content in Settings, they will not update existing projects' versions' of that contents information. When that content is added to a project after the update's been made, the changes will be reflected in that new project.

Custom Content

Building in a project

Custom content can be defined on a per-project basis. All attributes of these pieces of content are editable within the project and can be changed at any time.

If you duplicate a project that contains custom services, the Custom services will be carried over into the duplicated project.

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