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Browser Compatability

We suggest you use Google Chrome for the best experience.

Suggested Browser: Google Chrome

For the best user experience of our platform, we suggest you use the latest version of Google Chrome. You can download Chrome free online.

Chromium-based Browsers

Our platform is built and tested with Google Chrome, but other browsers are built around the open-source Chromium Project that supports Google Chrome. We don't validate all of these browsers, and they all have their idiosyncrasies, but most of them will work.

You can see a list of Chromium-based browsers on Chromium's Wikipedia page here.

Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and other Browsers

Each popular, modern browser has a unique implementation of the HTML and Javascript standards that ScopeStack relies on. You may occasionally run into a troublesome situation with one of them. While we will aim to fix bugs and other rendering issues in other browsers, our development team will not prioritize these bugs.

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