🚀 April 6, 2021 - Platform Updates

Exciting new platform updates, check it out!

ðŸŽĨ Platform Update Rundown

Watch a video summary of this Platform Update here from Alex on our Support Team.

🆕 New Features and Functionality

💞 Third Party Services

Ain't no party like a third party because a third party is someone else's problem! We're excited to give you a better way to include services you want to provide from other vendors in your projects with our new Third Party services section, in two flavors!

  • Vendor Quotes allow you to quickly enter a quote's information right into a project, apply a markup, and then sequence the vendor's services right into your scope of work.

  • Partner Requests allows you to request services from other ScopeStack-using companies as a third party to your project and for you to be able to then map their language directly into your project and mark up their price. You can also be a third party to others as well.

You can learn more about Third Party Services in our Help Center section on that topic.

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📑 Terms and Conditions

We've now built out support for building dynamic Terms and Conditions sections directly from ScopeStack. Instead of having a massive block to terms that are hard to edit, you can let ScopeStack dynamically create your Terms and Conditions.

You can even overwrite specific terms or skip a term entirely for different Business Units, Clients, and Partnerships.

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🏷 Naming Changes

You may have noticed; a few labels have changed. Let's take a moment to say goodbye and welcome some new friends. ðŸŠĶ

  • Tasks and Subtasks - Thank you, Tasks. You've served us well. You will now find these are simply Servies and Subservices for both Professional and Managed Services.

  • Task Types - These have also bid us farewell and are now Service Categories.

  • SOW Language and MSA Language - These two are now commonly referred to as Service Descriptions in Professional and Managed Services.

⏱ Governance Items in PSA Projects

We've changed how you can align Governance items to phases to clarify how you can then move these services into your PSA tool. In Settings and on a project, you can now directly specify how each governance item should have its effort aligned to the phases in your account, and if you chose, align that item to a specific phase. How you set up your governance item in the platform will dictate how the Platform creates those Governance tickets in your PSA tool.

📄 Improvements to the Services List

We've added the ability to filter the list of services in your Project by Line of Business and the Service's source. Subservices will now be shown by default in your list of services as well.

📅 An update from our Product Team on Release Schedules

As our product has matured, we've realized that the pace of change can be a challenge to our growing customer base. We have chosen to embrace a new quarterly release schedule with published dates to allow our customers to plan our releases better. Currently, we are planning releases for the first week of August and November. We plan to share the specific features in each release three or four weeks before the release. Let us know any questions here!

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